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And the Tagline Is…

A Girl’s Guide to Social Media, Communications, and Life As I Know It.

I know – it’s a little long. But brevity has never been my strong suit. Take a look at my Second Life post if you don’t believe me. Finishing my work early is also not one of my defining characteristics, which is why I’m enjoying a Web 2.0 July 4th alone with my laptop while my boyfriend lounges at the pool with his friends. But I digress…

A million thanks to those of you who voted on my tagline! I had such fun reading everyone’s comments and it was great to view the spike in my blog stats.  ; )

The official tally ended up at 10 votes for A Girl’s Guide to Social Media, 1 vote for Web 2.0 from a PR Perspective, 5 votes for Beyond Press Releases: Your Daily Dose of Web 2.0, and 1 vote for Communications in a Web 2.0 World.

It’s clear A Girl’s Guide to Social Media was the overwhelming favorite. I felt compelled to tweak that tagline a bit because my blog attempts to address social media through a communications lens, which I didn’t think the original tagline made clear. And I wanted room to occasionally blog about topics of interest to me outside of Web 2.0 and communications.

Stay tuned for my custom header idea. I have the perfect design in mind, but I have no idea how to create it. I may have to employ the services of mahjesstica. Check out her custom designed smoke.

Thanks again to the tagline voters and happy July 4th to all!


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Vote On My Tagline!

It’s about time I assign a tagline to my blog and what better way to do so than have my readers – all 5 of them at last count – vote on their favorites. In case you haven’t figured it out already, my blog focuses on social media and web 2.0 through a communications/public relations lens. I’d love for the tagline to convey this theme in a fun and catchy way. This might be a tall order, particularly when you read some of the options below. But I’d welcome your thoughts on which tagline comes closest.

Here’s what I’ve come up with so far:

Melissa’s Musings

A) A Girl’s Guide to Social Media

B) Web 2.0 from a PR Perspective

C) Beyond Press Releases: Your Daily Dose of Web 2.0

D) Communications in a Web 2.0 World

Please comment to submit your vote. And feel free to suggest your own tagline. I can’t promise cash prizes, but you’ll get a special shout out in a future blog post if I choose your suggestion. And thanks go to my coworker Kevin for coming up with this poll idea!

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